3StepNegotiation Features & Benefits
Saves money.
Lawyers bill by the hour, and the cost of two lawyers duking it out can be jaw dropping. Battling lawyers can make negotiation adversarial, but two spouses can sometimes cut through all the huffing and puffing and tell each other what is really important. Since you and your spouse know your situation, it makes sense for you two to try. And it makes even more sense when you realize you save money that both of you may need after the divorce.

Saves you hours of your valuable time.
You do not have to schedule appointments with your lawyer or meetings with your spouse. 3StepNegotiation™ allows you to work through your negotiations at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Removes third party interference.
When you negotiate in good faith, one-on-one communication with your spouse is can be the most effective way to resolve your disputes. Though they mean well, friends and family often tend to stir the pot. This does not mean you avoid sound legal advice if needed.

Eliminates the chance of bad body language.
An intentional or even unconscious shrug, sigh, or roll of the eyes can cause any divorce discussion to become volatile. 3StepNegotiation™ is distance negotiation that allows you to communicate with your spouse with less chance of a flare-up. Online negotiation results in more logical and well thought out statements and responses. You and your spouse can carefully craft what it is you want to say or discuss. That way it is delivered with clarity and you don't talk in circles. Sometimes in a divorce people don't know what they want until they try to put it in words, writing it down. This is why 3StepNegotiation™ works.

Establishes neutral ground with shared goal.
3StepNegotiation™ focuses you and your spouse on a single goal. This shared system and experience invites the give-and-take of negotiation. You and your spouse both achieve the coolness of a business relationship, which is what it takes to settle a divorce.

Organizes the terms of your separation and/or divorce.
3StepNegotiation™ categorizes each discussion for easy reference and outlines it in a format for easy reference and printing. For each discussion, you and your spouse can "shake hands" on an Agreement Statement, which then becomes filed in the "Agreements" area of your account. The simplicity of 3StepNegotiation™ makes effective negotiations much easier than two angry people going eyeball-to-eyeball. Once you have resolved your issues, you print your "Agreement Summary" and file for your divorce.


Private and secure access for each spouse.
Each spouse has his and her own log in information and manages this individually along with other permissions, such as email notification.

Discussions organized by topic.
All discussions are organized for easy reference, with printer-friendly page displays.

Unlimited responses for each discussion.
No limit on your online discussions. Simply negotiate until you are in agreement.

Optional e-mail alerts for responses.
Receive e-mail alerts when there is new posting in your account.

Summarizes your agreement.
Each discussion that ends with an agreement becomes part of your Agreement Summary.

Virtually acknowledges your agreement.
Each spouse acknowledges a written Agreement Summary regarding a specific discussion.

File for your separation and/or divorce.
We provide access to divorce lawyers in your area or online divorce solutions to finalize your separation and/or divorce.

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Why it Works.

- Saves thousands in legal fees.
- Removes third party interference.
- Saves hours of your valuable time.
- Spares your emotions while negotiating.
- Finds neutral ground with a mutual goal.
- Reduces time spent together.
- Prevents irrational responses.
- Organizes for easy reference.


- Private & secure access for each spouse.
- Discussions organized by topic.
- Unlimited responses for each discussion.
- Optional e-mail alerts for responses.
- Summarizes your agreement.
- Virtually acknowledges your agreement.
- Accesses state laws for help.

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