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3StepNegotiation™ is a service of Divorce Source, Inc.

Separation and divorce happen to someone else - until they happen to you. Separation or divorce are seldom easy, but when a couple can agree and be civil, Divorce Source, Inc. is the company thousands of couples have turned to since 1997.

Our record for simplicity, accuracy, affordability and speed has made Divorce Source, Inc. a nationally recognized company.

About 3StepNegotiation™

3StepNegotiation™ is designed for spouses to successfully negotiate the terms and conditions of their separation or divorce in an informative, secure, and private online environment. The goal and purpose of 3StepNegotiation™ is to help spouses reach a mutually beneficial settlement.

Separation and divorce, even under the best conditions, is a tough road to march, so our goal is to make the process as easy and affordable as possible. Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement through 3StepNegotiation™ we can connect you with a local lawyer or with 3StepDivorce™ to finalize your divorce.

3StepNegotiation™ is here for you because the tough part is often reaching an agreement.

Saves Money.

Approximately 99% of all divorces end in a settlement. This means the parties involved reach an agreement before they have a judge do it for them. The financial costs of a divorce trial can be devastating, not to mention the element of chance in any adversarial proceeding. So why not do it yourself? A divorce is too life changing to leave to chance. Spare yourself months of emotional because the chances are, you and your spouse will settle out of court in the end anyway.

With 3StepNegotiation™ you avoid this path of emotional exhaustion and financial destruction and reach your settlement in a smart, economical, and livable fashion.

Spares your emotions while negotiating.

Sometimes when couples negotiation face-to-face they sabotage the effort by accident. An unconscious shrug, sigh or roll of the eyes and the other spouse blows up. Sometimes this happens by accident.

3StepNegotiation™ allows you to communicate with your spouse without the risk of this bad body language. Distance negotiation makes for more controlled and logical proposals and responses. Professional Mediators find the same. They realize they can often help settle disputes much faster and more effectively through online communication software, much like 3StepNegotiation™ You and your spouse can carefully craft what it is you want to say or discuss. This way it is delivered with clarity and you no longer talk in circles. With 3StepNegotiation™, spouses speak to and with each other, not at each other.

Organizes everything for easy reference.

3StepNegotiation™ categorizes each discussion for easy reference and records it in a threaded format for easy reference and printing. In a threaded format, negotiations move from a proposal by one spouse to a response by the other and then discussion and counterproposals. This back and forth is essential to negotiations.

For each discussion, you and your spouse have the option to "shake hands" on an Agreement Statement in the "Agreements" area of your account. When your and your spouse get started, the simplicity of 3StepNegotiation™ makes it easy to keep going. But if you get stuck, you can stop and come back when your head is clear. The same for your spouse.

Once you resolve your issues, you print your "Agreement Summary" and take the next step to file for your divorce.

A Reliable Software and Service

We back our service with our name --- Divorce Source, Inc.

We have more than 16 years as a divorce company on the Internet. Established in February 1997, Divorce Source and Divorce Support are one of the largest, most popular and oldest divorce information websites. Our site has been nationally recognized by USAToday, Forbes and NPR, to name a few.

More than 1,600 divorce professionals in the United States (attorneys, mediators and counselors) are Divorce Source members listed in the Divorce Source online professional directory.

We protect your privacy. Your personal information and data stay private because we utilize VeriSign security encryption. VeriSign -- the world leader in online security -- protects government and bank computer systems, and it insures that your information is safe.

Divorce Source, Inc. does not sell, rent or share personal and/or account information with any third parties.

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The Divorce Negotiation Center™

3StepNegotiationTM is provided by Divorce Source, Inc., the owner and operator of the Divorce Source Network, the largest and most visited online divorce resource since 1997.

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Why it Works.

- Saves thousands in legal fees.
- Removes third party interference.
- Saves hours of your valuable time.
- Spares your emotions while negotiating.
- Finds neutral ground with a mutual goal.
- Reduces time spent together.
- Prevents irrational responses.
- Organizes for easy reference.


- Private & secure access for each spouse.
- Discussions organized by topic.
- Unlimited responses for each discussion.
- Optional e-mail alerts for responses.
- Summarizes your agreement.
- Virtually acknowledges your agreement.
- Accesses state laws for help.

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